What to Expect & How to Navigate

Hi! So glad you’re here! I am SO passionate about LR, because to me, it was MUCH easier than photoshop. When I was in college, I went with Lightroom, because out of both free trials, I could figure out how to at least upload a photo into LR over PM-ha! To me, the bars make it much easier to navigate or figure out--even if you don’t know what you’re doing. So I’m here to

1) Boost your confidence by sharing how to import and export, teach what the toolbars and tools are & how to organize your image (because that’s important)--and everything in between.

2) As you view the curriculum, you’ll see that the course is designed to start with an introduction, a hand-shake, if you will, with LR. I want to make sure that you do download the right LR that I’ll be teaching with so that your screen looks like MINE (CC versus Creative). And I want to present this in the least confusing way that a techy program can be understood.

After you shake hands with what this program can do for you, you’ll 1) make sure you’ve downloaded the program correctly, learn how to upload, organize and cull your images. From there, I’ll introduce you to the toolbars you see on the upper, left, right and bottom of your screen--but only the ones you NEED to know. I’m not going to bog you down with what I never use and what you will never use.

After we touch on the toolbars and where to find them, I’ll begin to dive into “what to look for” in an image. A lot of the time, consistency comes with knowing what you’re seeing and knowing how to edit it. And most of the time, when you’re starting out, your eye isn’t quite OPEN yet. A lot of what to look for hasn’t been brought to your attention yet, and that’s what I want this section to be for you. I’ll dive into a lot of “pain points” that come after shooting and how LR allows you to edit them easily. I hope that after this section, you will feel more confident 1) identifying what your images need according to your own style and 2) feeling equipped with the tools LR offers you to fix it.

Next, because you’ll be confident in diagnosing, I’ll introduce you to the most helpful tools LR offers--especially the batch editing or syncing tool! I’ll happily introduce you to this, how to copy/paste settings, how to compare images among many other tools. Once you have been introduced to these, I am 100% confident that you have the tools in your toolbox, or in this course, to diagnose and appropriately edit an image how you like.

Lastly, I’ll share very briefly how to edit with 4 different styles--mainly so that you can see that each style is editing consistently DIFFERENTLY from one another but SIMILARLY within the edit. For example, the bright and airy edit will have the same bar adjustments image by image with slight variations, whereas the dark and moody edit will differ largely from the bright and airy bars used but have the same bars used image by image.

I’ll wrap up by showing you how I would edit 72 images in under 10 minutes from import to export so you can see EVERYTHING come together!

Download the PDF below to refer to products mentioned within the course.

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